Kosumosu (Cosmos) Meaning – Cleanliness, Love. For those who, like me, enjoy a bit of latin, the name osmanthus is derived from the Greek ‘osma’, meaning fragrant, and ‘anthos’, meaning flower. The flower is also the national flower of Mexico, which is where it can be found growing in the wild. Otherwise, dahlias are wonderful to give to people who are celebrating some sort of positive change. The spiny, ovate, dark green leaves are boldly edged with creamy-white, creating a luminous and eye-catching display. Deeper meaning, however, can also be found in the many colors of dahlia flowers. This is a selection that I have always lusted to find but thinking that I probably never would. orange osmanthus in Chinese : :丹桂…. Most scientists and historians can’t agree on how the name came to be. AKA Orange Sweet Olive Japanese Orange Osmanthus. Bonds of Affection, Enduring/lasting beauty, She is fair, Strength, Safety, Warmth, Comfort, Pleasant, Generosity, I'm Sincere, Flower of the Gladiators, Strength of Character, Ready-armed, Splendid Beauty, Encouragement, Precaution, Be Cautious, Protection, Homosexual or Man's Love, Energising,  Fresh Start, Hope, Love & Marriage, Banishes Strife, Protection, All parts used in Witchcraft, Caution, Hostility, Reconciliation, Divination, Marriage protection, Poetic Inspiration, Meditation, Knowlege, Wisdom, Ancient Sacred Food Tree of Knowledge and Inspiration, Attraction, Loss of Inhibition, Strengthens Will Power, You Occupy My Thoughts, I Am Always Thinking Of You, Admiration, Solitude, Beauty, Listen to your bodies message, Protection, Wishes Will Come True, Tranquility, Herb of Love,Devotion, Healing, Eternal Love, Faithfulness, Godly Devotion,Eagerness, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Intoxicated with Joy, Intoxication Of Love, Tranquility,Protection against Calumny,Scandal or Anxiety, A Beautiful Year Ahead, Wit, Wealth, Success, Pride, Emblem of Mother, Coquetry, You will cause my death, One of the Four Poisons, For Males to Attract Love from Females, Love Spells, Tropical Love Flower,Consumed by Love, Delicate Beauty, Protection, Domestic Happiness, Symbol of Life/Man/Rebirth, Good Fortune,Holy, Sacred Plant of Saturn,Enchantment, Foresight, Growth and Persistence, Forecast, Defense, Fruitfulness, Fecundity, Ambition, Devotion to Love, The Bond of Love, Pursue Your Desire, Experience Pleasure, Fidelity, Generous and Devoted Love or Affection, Sculptured loveliness, constancy, pure loveliness, Constancy, Pure Loveliness, Sport, Games, Play, Joy, Flower of Apollo,Gay Flower, sometimes Rashness, Constancy, Consistency, Given to Departing Friends, Consistency, Loveliness, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, sorrow, Modest or Unobtrusive Loveliness, Purity, Simplicity, Unobtrusive Loveliness, I'll pray for you, Devotion to a Noble Cause or Love, Unveiling, Thank You for Understanding, sometimes Heartlessness, Cleanliness,Purification, Holy Herb wards off evil or evil spirits, Old Beau, Rejected, Your looks freeze me, Idleness, Faith, Wisdom, Promise in Love, Hope, Valor, A Rainbow, Greek Goddess Iris the Messenger of Love. Though less common, black dahlias (they are really more of a burgundy shade) typically symbolize a warning of some kind. Innocence, I Will Think of It/You, Doest Thou Love Me? 15. There are other subtle differences between the two varieties. The scent was launched in 2013 ... orange blossom above all - with and a peachy sweetness and some orange blossom too. Dating back to the Victorian times floriography was used as a means of coded communication through various flowers and floral arrangements, allowing people to express feelings which otherwise could not be spoken. They usually indicate themes like optimism, joy, and serenity. Osmanthus f. aurantiacus has narrower, less glossy leaves than the species; its crop of wonder-fully fragrant orange flowers is concentrated in early fall. Maybe you have bought one and tried it. They can be used to underline somebody’s commitment and dedication, regardless of the circumstance. The plant is known in English by several names, including golden osmanthus, sweet osmanthus, tea olive, or sweet olive. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences. Orange osmanthus flowers tend to hold the same symbolism as orange flowers of other species. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases (at no extra cost to you). Flowers range from silvery white to reddish orange, but orange-yellow varieties are considered the most fragrant, with both a rich color and smell provided by the high content of carotenoids in the chemical composition. The fact is, it is a grade name for black tea. You would absolutely love it too with one sip. Dahlias can represent any kind of change when worn as tattoos, but they are often recognized as symbols of elegance and dignity, too. The dahlia is also the birth flower for August (and in some traditions, of November, too). Just like its English name, asagao blooms in the early morning and cool weather. This hardy flower has multi-layered petals that add to its ompeltixy, body, and beauty – but beyond its stacked blooms, this flower has many layers of meaning, too. Red dahlias typically symbolize some kind of strength and power, while those that are pink are associated most strongly with grace and kindness. Message from Heavan, My Compliments, Eloquence, Messenger of Love, Symbol of Communication, Wedded Love, Fidelity, Friendship, Affection, Dependence, Bonds of Fidelity, Friendship, Marriage, Wedded love, Links to Others, Grace and Elegance, Wealth, Please Come Down, Symbol of Good Fortune, Wealth, Health and Happiness, Sincerity, Symbol of Love, Luck, Prosperity, Good Fortune, Grace, Elegance,Wealth, Amiability, I am so Happy, Attraction, I Attach Myself to You, Attachment, Love Me, Affection Returned, Desire, Sympathy, Can you return my love?, I desire a return of your affection, Betrayal, Unbelief, Beauty and strength in the face of, Succour, Protection, Perfect Loveliness, Aid, Symbol of Good Fortune, Gold, Wealth, Health, Happiness, Audacity, Boldness, can also mean fickleness, Levity, An Open Heart, Lightness, Ardent Attachment, Big Hearted, First Love,Haughtiness, Ambition, Ambition,Healing,Empowerment, Divination, Tree of Life, Victory (that overcomes perfidy or treachery), Cheerful in Adversity, Delicate Attentions, Luck, Loyalty, Love, Devotion, Acknowledgment, Calming, Healing: overcomes distrust, failure, sadness, Fascination, Fidelity, I promise to be true, discretion, Zest,Divine Healing,Removes Sadness,Brings Affection, Pleasantries, Healing and Relief, Sympathy, Brings love, Discretion, Divination, Happiness, Everlasting & Faithful Love, Fidelity, I Promise to be True, Fidelity in Love; I Promise to be True, Brings Love, Attracts Love and Fidelity, Attracts Opposite Sex, A Beautiful Year Ahead, Wit Relieve My Anxiety. OSMANTHUS JELLY / Dim Sum Kwai Fa Gou Recipe - Duration: 2:41. The Orange Osmanthus is a small tree or shrub bearing large clusters of creamy orange blossoms on the stems and a pleasant distinct sweet floral scent of Apricots that fills the Autumn Garden. A small citrus tree (Citrus reticulata) with fruit resembling the orange.. Rebekah is a writer in upstate New York, just north of the Adirondack Mountains. If Jasminum Sambac is the king of fragrances, then Osmanthus Fragrans is the queen. In workings and concoctions, it’s flowers or flower absolute or essential oil are mainly used for marital type love, loyalty, and consistency. Interestingly, the name dahlia hasn’t always been popular, either. 11. Photo Credit : … 2:41. A genus of the family Oleaceae comprising evergreen shrubs and small trees native to eastern Asia, the Middle East, and southern North America, usually having fragrant white or cream flowers; (also osmanthus) any plant of this genus. For most people, if they have heard about the osmanthus plant, it's probably because of the delightful tea blends that they can brew. Therefore, it’s important that you carefully consider what meaning you want to convey when giving a red or pink dahlia, as the two shades can easily be confused. There is no orange in it 1. Floriography is the 'language of flowers'. Osmanthus / ɒ z ˈ m æ n θ ə s / is a genus of about 30 species of flowering plants in the family Oleaceae.Most of the species are native to eastern Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Indochina, the Himalayas, etc.) See more ideas about osmanthus fragrans, sweet olive tree, olive tattoo. Same meaning but can also represent deception, false hopes: CHERVIL : Sincerity: CHESTNUT BLOSSOM : ... MOCK-ORANGE : Memories, Overcomes deceit and counterfeit: MONARDA (Bee Balm) ... OSMANTHUS : Protection, Happiness, Good Fortune, Prosperity, OSMUNDA (Royal & … Pure and Ardent Love, Personal Warmth and Comfort. Osmanthus Fragrans is an evergreen shrub that belongs to the olive family, like the lilac and, of course, the olive. What Does a White Osmanthus Flower Symbolize? White dahlias represent the drive to remain focused. Presage, Overcomes trouble,grief & jealousy, Admiration, Perfection, Good Luck Gift for a Man, Unpretending excellence,  Alas My Poor Heart, You're a flame in my heart, Innate Warmth,Loveliness, Adoration, Perfection, Loveliness, You are Adorable, Energy, Energy in/or overcoming adversity, Gratitude, Constancy in adversity, I Am So Grateful, Sweetness, Stoic Beauty, Indifference, Wedding Flower, Fidelity, Love, Pride and Beauty, Health and Energy, Bonds of Love, Fascination, Devoted Love, Yes, Divine Love, Distinction, Symbol of Woman, Divine Flower, I'll Never Forget You, Women's Love, Maternal Love, Mother's Undying Love, Tears of Virgin Mary for Her Son, Love, Admiration, Friendship, Pride, Passion, My Heart Aches for You, Alas My Poor Heart, Passionate Love, Divine Flower for Strength, Protection and Healing, No, Refusal, Sorry I Can't Be With You, Wish I Could Be With You, Pure and Ardent Love, Sweet & Lovely, Innocence, Faithfulness, Good Luck, Woman's Good Luck Gift, Woman's or Mother's Symbol of Strength and Purity, Unchanging Friendship; Snair; Prentended Love, I live but for thee, Think of Me, Prosperity, Longevity, Strength, Long Life, Drives away negative energies, Unfading Love, I blush for you, Immortality, Symbolic of Luck, Prosperity, Good Fortune, Love, Patience, Attracts Wealth, Energy in Adversity, Faithful in Adversity, Fidelity, Lasting Beauty, Education, Endurance, Celebration of New Beginnings, Same meaning but can also represent deception, false hopes, Justice, Justice Shall be Done, sometimes Luxury, Wit, Relieve My Anxiety, A Beautiful Year Ahead, Love, Classic Love Flower, Abundance & Wealth, Cheerfulness, You're a Wonderful Friend, Long Life, Cheer, Joy, Truth, Optimism,  Rest, Symbol of Condolence used at funerals and on graves, Symbol of the Emperor, the Sun, Lucky Golden Flowers, Loveliness and Cheerfulness, Cheerfulness in Adversity, Flower of Nobility & Distinction, Object of Meditation, Happy Hearth & Home, Joy, Long Life, Truth, Friendship, Truth, Hope, Loyal Love, Pure & True Affections, Protection, Healing, Cleansing, Man's love, Intelligence, Ingenuity, Intellectual, Clever, Mental Beauty, Love of Family (Sons, Daughters), Ingenuity, Poverty overcome through Mental Ingenuity, Good Luck, Good Fortune, Be Mine, Faith, Hope, Love, Four Leaves represent Faith, Hope, Luck , Love, When Given to Another: Luck Be With You, Be Mine. One of the ten famous flowers in China where it originated, and representing fertility and peace. Humble Recipe 22,245 views. Osmanthus fragrans (photo Apalachee Hills landscape) All osmanthus species are related to the olive, so the common name is appropriate. This hardy flower has multi-layered petals that add to its ompeltixy, body, and beauty – but beyond its stacked blooms, this flower has many layers of meaning, too. White osmanthus was once used in old wedding ceremonies. Akaibara (Red Rose) Meaning – Romance. Indeed, the whole set of names with which the West grades black tea begins with it. Top notes are Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon, Grapefruit, Pink Pepper, Apricot and Yellow Mandarin; middle notes are Gardenia, Osmanthus, Orange Blossom, Angelica, Jasmine and Turkish Rose; base notes are Amyris, Patchouli, Benzoin and Bourbon Vanilla. Oct 21, 2015 - Explore Jun Wang's board "Osmanthus Fragrans" on Pinterest. Oracle, You are Like Love's Oracle, Rustic Oracle, Resistance, Bury Me Amongst Nature's Beauty, Heavenly, Big-Hearted, Fun, Lightness, Levity, Airy, I Admire Your Personality and Social Abilities, Sacred "bamboo" symbolic of Luck, Prosperity, Fortune, Compassion, Zealousness; End in the Beginning, Beginning in the End, Fairy Tree, Witches Abode, Protection, Warn of Others, Purification of tainted areas, Never Ceasing Memory, Perpetual Remembrance, Worthy of Praise, Strength, Flattery, Praise, Sincerity, Confidence, Shelter, Facsination, Magic, Fertility, Strength, Energy , Health, Joviality, Argument, I Keep My Secret, Antidote to Poison, Time, Height, Cleverness, Adaptability, Ability to Change, Spirit of the Forest, That Which Goes Forward, Elevation, Adaptability, Elevation, Will, Desire, All-Seeing, Domestic Symbol, Industry, Fate, I Feel Your Kindness, Tenacity, Holding Fast, Basket, Wickerwork, Improves & Increases Positive Feng Chi Energy Flow, Calming, promotes Relaxation, Symbol of Luck, Propserity, Good Fortune, Love, Be mine; Good Luck: Faith, Hope, Luck, Love (see Clover), The Chameleon,Timidity, Evening Beauty, Sweet Dreams, Stateliness,Young Manliness,Youth,sometimes insincerity, Will You Confide in Love, Delicate Charms, Taste, Love for All Occasions, Enduring Affection, You're Lovely, Secret love, Purity, Refinement, Reward of Virtue; Victory, Conquest or Success, Courage, Strength, Get well, Ward Off Evil & Illness, Intrinsic Worth, I Look to Heaven, Autumn, True Friend, Comfort, Gentility, Peaceful Mind, Favour,Bridal Favour,Your Hand for Next Dance. Noun 1. Ultimately a dahlia symbolizes strength in adversity – no matter what the challenge might be. Protection, Happiness, Good Fortune, Prosperity, Thoughts, Kind or Pleasant Thoughts (You Occupy My Thoughts), Modesty, Think of Me (When I am Departed), Reflection, Aphrodisiac (Intoxicating Scent), National Flower of Wales, Sweetness, Useful Knowledge,Festivity,Gaiety, Feast,Gratitude,Thanks, Faith, Holy Love, Religious Fervour and Superstition, Appoint a Meeting, Lasting Pleasure (Everlasting), I am Your Captive, Love, Divination, Longevity, Long Life, Love and Divination, Long and Prosperous Life, Affections, Lasting friendship, More than Just Lovely, Spiritual Knowledge, Man & Godhead, Understanding, Happy Marriage and Happy Life, Aphrodisiac, Bashfulness, Shame; sometimes Anger and Indignation, Early Friendship, Friendship, Early Recollections, Harmony, Pleasure of Memory, Sweet Remembrance, Early Recollections, Pleasures of Memories, Sweet Memories, I Shall Surprise You By and By; Bury Me Amongst Natural Beauty, Your Presence Soothes Me (against resentment and anger), Resentment and Anger, But I Never Despair, Agreement(s), Our Souls & Hearts are United, Unanimity, Affability, Trying to Please You, Sweet Dreams, Admiration;Widowhood; Comfort in Loss of Someone, Hope,Philosophy, Purification,Friendship,sometimes Pity, Purification of Health, Fortune, Fertility, Prosperity, Daring, Spiritual Energy, Vigorous Life, Perfection,You are Perfect, Always Lovely, Good Luck, Pure Affection, Classic Love Flower, Boldness, Always Lovely and Happy, also Refusal with Greatest Respect, Fascination, Talent , Ingenious, You are Fair, Be of good cheer, Keep your promises, fidelity, Purse-proud, Pride of Riches, Confidence, Elegance, Good Luck,Elegance,some say Foolishness and Foppery, Elegance, sometimes Foolishness and Foppery, Eternal Sleep, Oblivion, Consolation, Rest, Wealth, Success, their Pleasures and Consolation, True love, Pleasure, Fantastic Extravagance, Consolation,Rest,(Eternal)Sleep, Peace, Dormant Affection, Eternal Love, Virtue, Purity, Reverence, Innocence, Humility, Early Youth ,Young Love, I Can't Live Without You, Happiness, Satisfaction, Believe Me, Trust in Me, Unpatronized or Neglected Merit, Early youth, Sadness, Happiness, Happy Love, sometimes Inconstancy, The First, Prime, Early Youth, Early Love, Shy and Timid, Unfading Love, Can't Live Without You, Warmth and Caring, I Blush for You, Unfading Love, Motherhood, Recovery (especially from illness), Temptation, Represents a Choice, Abundance, Radiant Charm, I am Dazzled by Your Charms, You Are Rich With Attractions, Attractive, Music, Symbol of Music, sometimes Imprudence, Danger, Dangerous, Beware, I am Dangerous, Caution, Sometimes planted for protection to ward off danger, Love, Classic Love Flower, I Love You, Beauty, Farewell, Symbol of Death used at Funerals, Mystery, Attaining the Impossible, Uniqueness, Desire, Enthusiasm, Passion, Speak Your Desire, Beauty Ever New,Young & Brilliant, Brilliant Complexion, Love, Admiration; Embarrassment, Bashful, Shame, Beauty at it's Finest, Beauty at it's Fullest, Symbol of Merit,Crown of Reward,Loving Merit or Virtue, I am from Mars, The Unusual, We Are Worlds Apart, Enchantment, Love at First Sight, Grace, Elegance, Sweet Thoughts, Majesty, Refinement, Opulence, Fascination, Desire, Speak Your Desire, Secret Love, Admiration, Immortality, Modesty, Sociability, Friendship, Appreciation, Gratitude,You Are Tender and Loving, Gentillessee, Ambassador of Love, Fineness, Perfect Happiness, Secret Love, Sweetness, Indecision, Admiration, Perfect Love, Grace, Beauty, Believe Me, Thank You, Desire, Passion, Love of Life,Youth,Energy,Joy, Grace, I Understand, Sympathy, I Am Sorry (especially when ill), Conveys Admiration and Sympathetic Support, Love, Desire, Pride, Romance, Passionate Love, Congratulations, Job-Well-Done, Respect, Courage, Unity. The generic name Osmanthus comes from the Greek osma, meaning fragrant, and anthos, meaning flower. Kinmokusei (Orange osmanthus) When you’re building a garden with everlasting beauty, the dahlia should be a top contender on your list of plants to grow. True Love & Beauty, I Love (You), Unity, Romantic love, New Love, I Love you, I Still Love You, Simplicity, Beauty, I'll Remember Always, I Will Always Remember You, Love at First Sight, Early Attachment, Gratitude, Eternal love, I am Worthy of You, Innocence, Heavenly, Purity, Secrecy and Silence, Humility, Reverence, Ultimate Absence, Death, Death of the Mother, Happiness, Security, Traditional Wedding Flower, Unity, Flower Emblem of England, Truth & Love, True Love, Bonding, Harmony, Happiness,Celebration,Joy,Excitement,Gaiety, Congratulations, Joy,Friendship,Gladness,Caring, Platonic Love, Freedom, Delight, Remembrance, Welcome Back, New Beginnings, Decrease of Love,Jealousy , Infidelity, Slighted Love, Ultimate Symbol of Love, Declaration of Love, Unconditional Love, Pledge of Eternal Love, Inclined to Love, Pure and Lovely, Beauty & Youth, An Innocent Heart, A Heart of Innocent Love, Too Young to Love, Girlhood, Heart Innocent of Love, Commitment, Intellect, Fidelity, Healing Balm, Constancy, Stimulates Healthy Thinking and Promotes Well-Being, Remembrance, Purity, Rebirth, Remember Me, Devotion, Consumed by Love, Delicate (Beauty), Beautiful, Tree of Life, Ambition, Healing, Empowerment, Strength, Protection, Strength, Aid & Protection against Enchantment, Disdain,Fertility,Sauvage (Wild Ride),Manners, Contrition, Beware of excess pleasures or abuse,Voluptuousness,   You are Perfectly Lovely, Domestic Virtue, Greatest Wisdom and Respect , Long Life, Gratitude, Eliminates Negative Energy, SAGE (Russian) (Perovskia atriplicifolia), Admiration; sometimes unfortunate love (see Pin Cushion), Comfort in Widowhood; I have Lost All;One that is Dear, Timidity, Sensitivity, Fine Sensibility, Bashfulness, Difficulty, Austerity, Sudden change, Transition, Power of Will ;can also say: No; Presumption; Deception, Joy, Matrimonial Tenderness, Affection, (Ill-timed) wit, One Tear, The Harlequin, Tears of a Clown, Fidelity, Womanly Fidelity, Femamine Fidelity, Likeness, Your Charms Are Engraved on My Heart, Eternal hardiness, Endurance, Symbol of North and Cold, Staunch Hardiness, Strength Against Fear or Animosity, Hope, Atonement, Reconciliation, Purity; Idleness, Variety, Delicacy, Patience, Love Vibrations, Health, Welcome to a Stranger, Afterthoughts, Healthy Emotions, Success, Remembrance; Sympathy, Lasting Beauty, Marital Happiness, Desire to Travel, Come With Me, Happiness In Marriage, You can boast too much, Bonds of Affection, Promptness, Happy Life, Lasting Beauty, You'll Always Be Beautiful to Me, Adoration (dwarf), Splendid,  Intellectual Excellence, You are Splendid, Loyalty, Best Wishes, Adoration, Truth, Fame, Recognition, Granting Wishes, Pure Thoughts, Lofty thoughts, Riches, Loyalty, Pride, Departure, Remember Me, Good-Bye, Tender Memory, Blissful Pleasure, Thank You for a Lovely Time, Grant Me One Smile, Gallantry, Perfection, Finesse, Grant Me One Smile,Your Lovely Smile,sometimes Scorn, Fraternal  Regard, You Shall Be Happy Yet, Memory, Resistance,  I Declare War Against You, I Resist You, Austerity, Sternness, Nobility, Harshness, Delusive Beauty, Disguise, Deceitful Charms, Activity, Strength & Courage, Thrift, Ensures good sleep, Protection against Cruelty; sometimes Cruelty, Felicity, Happiness, Transcient Friendship(s), The Weather Vane, I Am Yours in All Seasons, Perfect Lover, Flower Emblem of Holland, Famous, Declaration of love, Fame, Believe Me, Ardent Love, Beautiful Eyes, Your Eyes Are Beautiful, Enchantment, There's Sunshine in Your Smile, Beautiful Eyes, Literary Debut, Best Wishes for Your New Venture, Lovely & Majestic Charms, Sunshine in Your Smile, Perfect Love, sometimes Hopeless(ly in) Love, Healing (Flowers & Fruit); (Foliage)Treachery, Pray for Me, I Pray for You, Sensibility, Enchantment, Fidelity, I Dare Not, I Promise to be Faithful, Sacred herb of Romans used to purify homes & temples, Release of Prophetic Powers, Intoxicating Powers, Bonds, Faithfulness, Modesty, Virtue, Affection, Love, Youthful Innocence, Watchfulness, Hope, Calming, Love, I'll Always Be True, Watchful & Faithful Always, Watchfulness, Faithfulness, Love, Loyalty, Thoughts of You, Faithfulness, Love, Loyalty, Let's Take A Chance On Happiness, I'll Always Be True, Love of Country, Modesty, Faithfulness, induces sleep, Rural Happiness, Country Charms, Modest Worth, Filial Love, Love of Son or Daughter), Artifice, Promptness, Fidelity in Misfortune or Adversity, Intellect and Stratagem, Protection, Health, Preference, Good Fortune, Better Things to Come, Accept a Faithful Heart, Grace and Yielding to lLove, Prosperity, Wealth, Continuation of Life, Friendliness, Mourninig, Saddness,Bravery, sometimes forsaken love, Healing, Protection, Banishes Sadness and Depression, Strongly Healing Feminine aspects, Mourning, Sincerity, Symbol of Love; sometimes Abandonment, Immortality,Renewal,I Survive & Prosper Through Adversity, A Beautiful Year Ahead, Wit, Relieve My Anxiety, Welcome, Cordial Welcome, You Are Always Welcome, Inspiration, Mysticism, A spell is upon me, Not to be Discourage, Please don't be Discouraged, Unfading Remembrance, Cheerful in Adversity, Transformation, Reincarnation, Death & Rebirth, Great Age, Good Shield and Protection, Magnificent Beauty, Loveliness, Pure Elegance, Kind Thoughts of Absent Friends, Thoughts of Friends, Thinking (or in memory) of an Absent Friend.

orange osmanthus meaning

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