I LOVE the new body style and prefer it to the original in a big way. The Sony A7sII definitely caught me by surprise. Posted on 14/10/2015 14/10/2015 by Mark. Sony RX1R II review. With the present price tag, the SII indeed will become a niche model, IMO, with the RII coming so close in ISO performance. Making strides in the video arena, the a7S II Mirrorless Digital Camera from Sony offers an impressive blend of sensitivity, dynamic range, resolution, and speed to benefit a versatile multimedia workflow. Think of it: the MPs of the old M9, but with 400K ISO. camera in Asia! You can also buy it at B&H Photo HERE. If you was 5 Axis IS, then yes. That is a $800 difference. This was in my office, late afternoon, one light on in the corner BEHIND the dog toy. Now that you’ve had your hands on it for a while; how would you compare the 7Sii with a 28/2 mounted to the Leica Q system, not taking into account one being a fixed lens camera? The product’s highlights are likely well known by now, even though shipments have just started. Sony and the Environment How we’re reducing our eco-footprint through energy efficiency and recycling initiatives. The Loxias are fantastic if you like Manual Focus. Thank you. BTW, same goes for the R MK1 versus MK2, the latter costing around $1400 more. Leica SL Review. Me, I can’t stand using a phone for any real serious shooting. “DSLR sales are down, way down..mirrorless sales are UP, way up.”. http://dcmny.org/islandora/object/nyhs%3A1104. Another important selling point. Do look forward to your reply and the RX1Rii review! So nurses had to fix it all by themselves. So Mauro and I decided to do it and today we had our first shooting day...and yes life there is really as hard as you all suspected: Today an ECMO machine had some issues. Steve…how does A7RII compare to A7II in terms of low light iso? I also love the Zeiss Batis 25 and 85, two of the best I have used. RUMOR= Rumor I got from more solid sources  (51-90% it’s correct), WILD RUMOR= Totally unverified and therefore unreliable rumor (10-50% chance it’s correct), **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. Hmmm. What do you think? Sony A7S Review - Click for Table of Contents I can’t wait for the touch screen on A7s Mark 3. by William Brawley, Jeremy Gray, and Zig WeidelichOverview originally posted: 09/11/2015 Updates: 10/14/2015: Gallery Images added 10/20/2015: First Shots posted 11/23/2015: Performance test results posted 12/11/2015: Field Test posted 02/29/2016: Image Quality Comparison, Print Quality Analysis and Review Conclusionposted --- Special update: The Sony A7S II was named Best Low Light Camera in our 2015 Came… Oh, and it also does DAMN well in great or good or decent light! As in, where I stood I could not even see the ocean! The Sony A7S II is a new compact system camera that can literally shoot in the dark. A7 II has a native ISO range of 100 - 25600 which can be boosted to 50-51200 and it can save files in RAW format which gives you a wider room for post processing. Sony Alpha A7SII Review. Sony’s Industry Challenger The Sony A7RII was announced in June and started shipping world-wide in early August, 2015. But it’s the DSLRs which are niche cameras. Earlier this year, I wrote a detailed review of the Sony A7R, where I expressed a number of serious concerns with the camera, some of which were serious enough to be categorized as “deal breakers”.Soon after, Sony announced the much-anticipated A7R II mirrorless camera, a second iteration of the high-resolution line of A7-series cameras. VISIT OUR PROJECT / VISITA NUESTRO PROYECTO: SOUTHERN PHOTOGRAPHERS . ... 4k Sony Sony 4K Sony 28.135mm A7sII Sony A7sII Sony A7s mark II Sony a7s mII. I own the original and its one of the cameras I have kept the longest in my digital life. So, I’m with you most of the time, just thought you lost your mind a little at the end of this review. bigger. You can shoot at maximum resolution of 6000 x 4000 pixels with aspect ratios of 3:2 and 16:9. I know they are better than every camera out there, but honestly they are still unusable in my opinion. Sony’s Eye AF works fantastic, delivering consistently focused results even with an F1.2 lens like the Sigma 35mm F1.2 DN ART lens that I tested during my review period with the a7RIV. There is no denying that Sony has achieved a huge milestone with the A7R mk3, in every single way. Will it work well in lower light with an F2.8 lens or not so much? The essence of one claim is that the Rii is less forgiving in terms of focus/sharpness: you need to be careful to get it right. The image below was shot in DARKNESS. It is truly amazing to see how much technology is packed inside this little thing. So Sony a6400, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $1998 Sony Alpha a7SII, as seen on the chart below. They are still being made today for most new music releases. I just reread that last paragraph of yours and I get what you were saying, and for most people phone cameras are all they need or want. Overall the a7SII keeps with the tradition of amazing low light performance, and for me, even after trying all of the others that do well in low light (yes, even the Nikon D750, Canon’s, etc) nothing can do what the a7S series is really capable of. Your picture of the police officers with hats, reminded me of a somewhat similar ‘old style’ b&w photo I saw earlier today: Sony 18-110mm Review. Has it been included with the A7sII? Not worth switching to a new model for me. In our tests, the a7III really is the best mirrorless hybrid camera of 2018. I rarely (in the past) use video, but as my primary artistic endevor is poetry (many publications), I want to record myself reading my poems. The Q has a contrasty picture with bold color and pop. Here is the definition of the word “rumor” according to Merriam Webster dictionary: Pronunciation: \ˈrü-mər\ The new Sigma 35mm f/2.0 FE lens mounted on the Sony⁠ _⁠ ⁠ #mirrorlesscamera #mirrorlessgeeks #cameragear #camerageek #mirrorlessgeeks #camerasetup #camera⁠ #sonyimages #sonyalphasclub #sonyalpha #sonyphotography #sonyphotogallery #sonyalpharumors #sonyalphagear #SonyPhotoGallery #SonyAlphasClub #SonyMirrorless #sonyalphaphotos #sony #sonyalphauniverse #sonyalphaclub ⁠ ⁠, The new Sigma 35mm f/3.5 FE lens mounted on the Sony⁠ _⁠ ⁠ #mirrorlesscamera #mirrorlessgeeks #cameragear #camerageek #mirrorlessgeeks #camerasetup #camera⁠ #sonyimages #sonyalphasclub #sonyalpha #sonyphotography #sonyphotogallery #sonyalpharumors #sonyalphagear #SonyPhotoGallery #SonyAlphasClub #SonyMirrorless #sonyalphaphotos #sony #sonyalphauniverse #sonyalphaclub ⁠ ⁠, The new #SonyA7c in Stock at @ringfotodockhorn⁠ -⁠ ⁠ #mirrorlesscamera #mirrorlessgeeks #cameragear #camerageek #mirrorlessgeeks #camerasetup #camera⁠ #sonyimages #sonyalphasclub #sonyalpha #sonyphotography #sonyphotogallery #sonyalpharumors #sonyalphagear #SonyPhotoGallery #SonyAlphasClub #SonyMirrorless #sonyalphaphotos #sony #sonyalphauniverse #sonyalphaclub ⁠ ⁠, The #SonyA7sIII won the award as best hybrid camera at Dpreview⁠ -⁠ ⁠ #mirrorlesscamera #mirrorlessgeeks #cameragear #camerageek #mirrorlessgeeks #camerasetup #camera⁠ #sonyimages #sonyalphasclub #sonyalpha #sonyphotography #sonyphotogallery #sonyalpharumors #sonyalphagear #SonyPhotoGallery #SonyAlphasClub #SonyMirrorless #sonyalphaphotos #sony #sonyalphauniverse #sonyalphaclub ⁠ ⁠, I really didn't want to do this as I am exhausted all by myself. SonyAlphaRumors is participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. I treat those cameras like “a brain” that can be expended or minimise depending on the type of work I do. Its soft and lackluster IMO which is why I did not review it. For people who do want more pixels there are the Sony A7 series and the Sony A7R series. DSLR sales are down, way down..mirrorless sales are UP, way up. Sony A7 III and A7R III review: mirrorless magic. It will focus in the dark. We can wonder why Sony didn’t add a few extra MPs..”. I tried out the 7ii & 7Rii (not with the 28/2) and just not enamored with the shooting experience on the Sony (the “this camera makes me want to go out and photograph” some cameras can bring). Sony Alpha a7SII was released in 2015. Read our independent Sony a7S II review and see our first footage. Even so, in my shooting I have found that I was getting slightly better color and pop with the new A7sII, though it could have been because of the lens I was using for much of the review..the Excellent Voigtlander 35 1.7 in Leica M mount. Hello to all! Colors look a bit oversaturated to me and they are loosing color detail just an observation. ..I can tell you for sure when I’m home again next week. The Sony a7SII now has a menu option which allows for 14-bit uncompressed raws to be recorded. Now I wonder, if we consider this extra package and add it to the A7S MK1, what does the MK2 has more yet to justify the extra $800? I own a a6000 with several e-mount primes and a zoom. This review got me over the hump of which camera to buy, the 7RII or the SII. I respect everyone’s decisions to use what works for them but this is just not a value added product. Goodbye Photokina? P.S: Picture shows a bed outside the ICU. Video is fantastic. Above: Download the original file (Registered members of Vimeo only). The A7SII is just the right camera + video recorder for me. … To my eye, the A7s files have a special look that I quite like – sometimes very smooth looking with good saturation. ILCE-7M3 + Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS (SEL24105G) @ 65mm, ISO 640, 1/125, f/7.1 Build Quality, Ergonomics and Handling. Even in low or mixed light, the camera does very well. Kind of like Viny Records. Perhaps the a7000??? Nothing wrong with them per se, but I just don’t seem to get along with them as well as I have with Olympus(OM-D) or Canon(5D mk2), both of which felt immediately familiar the first time I used them. I traded my A7II, which I really liked, for the A7SII. Is it the new Sony A9III? Now I only have the A7S II, and will keep that camera. Thanks a lot!! Al Harp, Steve, If you missed the original a7S review, see it here as this will not rehash the things that are the same there. my question is.. what about the a7s mk 1 vs the m9? Again. Id skip the 24-70. It sees in the dark, without question! Steve: one more thing: As I am soon to retire, I want you to know (and I think I speak for many of your website readers) that you bring some morning joy to all the over-worked people who take a break from their daily grind, and check out your site every day. Steve, a very useful, concise review. If the megapixel count were increased, the A7S series wouldn’t be able to give such a ‘clean’ video result at 4k UHD, and so wouldn’t be such a more useful video camera than, say, the Canon 5D or 6D series, or similar SLR-style Nikons. So you’re right, as long as there are photographers there will be cameras. They are both GREAT in this capacity and for IR! other cameras, and therefore catches more light, and so the camera delivers great images in very low light. Depending on your needs, the Sony a7S II is a great choice. My old Voigtländer lens was a 55mm1.4, not 50mm and it was with Rollei mount. All trademarks and brands belong to their respective owners. The a7SII focuses faster. The Sony a7SII only comes with one unique feature that’s different from the Sony a7RII. Well, that is sort of correct. I remember when the A7 arrived, the original..many predicted the doom of Mirrorless while I was predicting the slow death of DSLR’s. These cameras are not cheap, so I wanted to see if I would pay the upgrade fee for the SII over my old S Mark 1. I know in low light it is no contest, but what about “normal” lighting, etc.? Earliest announcement possible on January 11th at CES 2021? The lens usually on mine here is the 16-35 f/4. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. A photographer does not have to do highly detailed panorama landscapes or portraits or wedding photography to be considered a ‘pro’. I wish someone would build a simple camera with manual focus in mind. I think this mainly has to do with 12 vs 42 Mp counts and how much blur is picked up (more on 42). For years I have […], Jupiter 8: A cheap and lovely character lens for your Leica M or Sony A7 camera The best $30 I have ever spent? But is it worth the upgrade if you own an a7S? Sony A7S II – Overview | A7S II VS A7R II by Armando Ferreira. I don’t even need a monitor. Sony A7sii - Review There are enough technical reviews of the Sony A7sii out there that I won't discuss the specs of this instrument. Full HD 1080p recording is also supported in frame rates up to 120 fps, and both resolutions utilize the 100 Mbps XAVC S format contained within an MP4 wrapper with 4:2:0 sampling. ISO 6400 film, but this is 409,000 ISO! $700 maybe, $1500 no. Sony A7II LCD has 1,230,000 dot resolution with 107/41° tilt vs 921,000 dot resolution with 90/45° tilt on Sony A7, but to be honest, I lost my count at a hundred and one… Battery Life. The SII is the best for high ISO in low light. The A7II, A7RII, and now the A7SII are fantastic full frame 35mm digital cameras that can do it all. Are you using auto white balance on your nighttime shots, Steve? It’s been roughly five years since Sony launched the A7Sii, and in that time a bunch of camera companies have shot ahead in terms of video. I am planning to buy a7ii or a7s(or a7sii) because the a6000 suffers from noise and and very slow AF in low light condition. Follow the links to compare these cameras in detail: Is the a7rii really very different from the a7sii in terms of ISO if i downsize the photos in post? EXIF is embedded. The Hasselblad 907x Continues to Impress. ... Good review … Hope I’ll finally make up my mine on Rii or Sii now. There’s still some prints, for sale, from that camera on my website, http://www.TheArtfulToad.com, and I’ve sold a good number of them. does the a7s mark 1 has the same rendering or similar to the m9? Thanks for this. It was great to hear that it returned with the A7rII, because it always made checking focus on eyes fast and simple. The S and SII make for a phenomenal still camera, and 12 MP is plenty for up to 20X30 prints, and those who say it isn’t really are pixel peepers instead of photographers and pixel peeping has nothing to do with making a beautiful photograph or memory. Nope, so can’t compare that. The SII is fantastic, and if debating between it and the Q, just think if you will ever want anything besides the 28mm focal length. Also on FB / También en FB: Facebook of Southern Photographers . I want people to see the forest, not the trees. It’s probably the most important setting in the whole camera and it’s needlessly complicated. Id be between the A7sii and the A7RII but the SII will be faster, better in lowest of light and will Af more constantly in low light and even the dark. I really didn't want to do this as I am exhausted all by myself. I’ll probably buy 2470z and batis 85 with it. None of my photos are HDR or blended images, they are taken from just one shot One other way to help is by donation. Yes, if you use M lenses you will get that M9 pop. Same with vinyl records, as long as there are people that want them, somebody will make them. Anyway, if you were to choose between the 55mm or 85mm ? Nobody would gain when Sony would price themselves out of the market, by making not enough profit. Great review. @ David Babsky, P.S: Picture shows a bed outside the ICU. Aren’t you paying for somthing you don’t need in Batis 85 ? The high-speed, 120 fps recording also enables 4x and 5x slow-motion movie recording with the frame rate set to either 30p or 24p. So while I enjoy the hell out of the new a7SII, I do not think I would sell my a7s and pay $1500 more to get the new version. But overall, all camera sales are down and DSLRs still outsell mirrorless by a factor of more than two to one. Carlos. The A7 III has a newly developed 24MP Back Illuminated sensor. Sony a7RII Vs a7SII – Features Unique To The Sony a7SII. They all have advertising from camera companies. Few more images with the a7SII. 119. So I suggest never coming here again, you and your BS nonsense, well, it is not and never welcome. As an example the custom WB setting is silly, when you enter the WB menu you have to scroll through the three custom presets before you can set a new one. this is why jpegs look cleaner than raws with nr turned off. A Look at the NEW Sigma 35 and 65mm Contemporary DG DN f/2 Lenses on a Panasonic S5. Or is it really a non-issue? (going from 42 to 12 mp). I never create prints larger than 11×14 and 13×19. The slow death of DSLR’s IS happening as many have been switching to mirrorless  – some do it every single day and companies like Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and now even Leica are leading the way for those who want a great mirorrless experience with not many limitations. * improved ergonomics (love the new grip) The reviews I’ve read so far mention the A7Sii as a great camera for video and not so much for stills because of the 12 mega pixels. I'd also get it at Adorama, at Amazon, or at Crutchfield, or used at eBay (see How to Win at eBay). We tested the mirrorless 4K wonder. I mainly […], Tuscany with the Sony A7RII and Zeiss 25 f/2.4 by Martin Stelbrink Dear Steve, dear readers of SteveHuffPhoto.com, My name is Martin Stelbrink and I live close to Düsseldorf in Germany. * minimum shutter speed that is user selectable in auto ISO The A7 II is smaller and lighter than most, but not all, DSLRs, but when you add full-frame lenses to it, it … This is the one Sony a7 body with the best AF performance. Follow the link to read our in-depth comparison of these cameras: Compare Sony Alpha A7S vs Sony A7S II. Am thinking of buying two lenses mostly. With lenses that are optically stabilised, such as the Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS supplied for review, SteadyShot is controlled from the lens. The a7SII can go on to ISO 400,000+ so 25,600 should be a piece of cake. Just to be safe, you can wrap an elastic band around the collapsible barrel of the Elmar, which would make it impossible to push it all the way in: that’s the simplest, quickest and most reliable precaution! * option for a five second self-timer delay Richard. Increasing the pixel count of these A7S cameras would wreck their appeal for those of us who shoot video as well as stills, and the similar Panasonic GH series cameras would then look more appetising, and Sony would lose sales. So thanks! Anyway, I generally love reading your reviews and check them out when deciding to purchase my cameras and lenses. Thanks again for providing your thoughts and opinions on this new Sony A7SII. Interested to know whether it can be collapsed for travel without touching sensor. Other key improvements include better ergonomics and build quality, faster auto-focusing and startup, a wider range of video options, and greater customisability. Some might consider the Sony a7SII low resolution because well 12 megapixels. * silent shutter option along with 50% less shutter vibration The A7sII sounds like the camera for you though, will do just what you need. Perhaps this lack-of-noise smoothness can be mistaken for a lack of detail and that perception can be changed by adding grain in post if desired. I was amazed at what it was doing for me in no light. Same way I see a real camera vs a phone. Please visit their official websites by typing the specific brand name and adding .com after it in your browser. I’m looking at jumping into the world of Leica, and i want to pair my lenses with a Sony a7sii or a7rii, but i’m not sure what would be better for me. Theoretically, it should be OK, as the adaptor brings it further out of the camera, to the same distance that it would be out from, say, the M9 sensor (I do collapse it on an M9), but I think I measured the clearance, and decided not to risk it! Which would you recommend. We hope this review video on the Sony a7III vs a7sII vs a6500 was helpful. The Sony A7 II is the first full-frame compact system camera in the World to feature built-in 5-axis stabilisation. I see their images on Facebook and as small JPEGS or prints. Sony’s Industry Challenger The Sony A7RII was announced in June and started shipping world-wide in early August, 2015. I’ve dreamed of being able to get good night shots, and shots indoors with poor lighting without a flash. Can also use my search bar on the right side or links within reviews, anytime. Well, all depends on your tastes. Sony’s latest professional mirrorless cameras pack a punch. I replaced my M9 with the a7 a while ago, do miss the M9 rendering and pop. This review was shorter than my normal 7-10K word reviews because this is basically an a7s but with a few nice improvements and upgrades along with the new body style. Together, these two technologies enable truly efficient light-gathering abilities that further reinforce the low noise, high-sensitivity design. Which one would you be happier with and use more often? Sony A7S II First Shots: Giant pixels get updated processing to accompany those 14-bit RAW files (Imaging Resource). Nothing like it, even today. are you sure this is zero noise reduction? Awards 2018 ... such as the Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS supplied for review… Anyway, just my thoughts. I know A7SIIis probably best for low light…. Concerning ISO performance, what really would interest me is to make a comparison between the SII and RII of two identical shots, not OOC, but edited to your best effort and then compare the S file with a resized R file, because that’s what we do in real life – editing to get optimal result. (the stabilization, as A7SII has 5-axis stabilization in-camera)? After reviewing the INCREDIBLE a7R2, it became my #1 go to camera. Let’s speculate specs and release time for the new Sony A7IV. It seems the colors and snap and pop are slightly different, in a good way. After reviewing the INCREDIBLE a7R2, it became my #1 go to camera. I love my RX1 for a daylight walk around camera. The a7RII was not too far behind, but it couldn’t match the SII in the dark, focus wise or with ULTRA high ISO as the RII stops at 102,000 ISO. For my purposes, I sell maximum 13×19″ and 11×14″ prints, and my favored sizes are 8×10, 8×12, and my favorite: 5×7. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Sony a6400 is a more popular mirrorless camera, based on its 500+ reviews. Sony A7 III Review Michael Topham | October 1, 2018 3:41 pm BST. However, I will set the ISO to a max, say nothing over 2500 and let shutter speed and aperture take care of the rest. Read our independent Sony a7S II review and see our first footage. Click them for larger and better..to see them correctly! If you already own an A7s, then trying to sell it means you will get around $1400 for it and then have to pony up $1600 MORE for the new version. RUMOR: A7SIII will get a V2.0+ Firmware update to support QFHD/120p 12Bit RAW Output via HDMI before IBC2021. I mean, who shoots at 25,600 ISO? For the past 7 years I have been running this website and it has grown to beyond my wildest dreams. This are all JPEGS out of camera! I’m on the fence about which one is better for that focal length setup. Real world experience > the laboratory numbers and datas. Obviously it’s something you don’t want to acknowledge or discuss. “although not a huge step up from eight megapixels” (!!). The sensor and processor combination also avail a wealth of performance-related benefits to still shooting, including a Speed Priority continuous shooting rate of 5 fps, or a 2.5 fps shooting rate with continuous AF. I’ll be keeping my original A7s along with the absolutely terrific A7r2 which is easy to shoot hand held. Sony have really thought through their proposition with the A7 series and realising one camera can’t cater for the needs of all photographers offer three differing options. The product’s highlights are likely well known by now, even though shipments have just started. you said that the rendering produced from this a7s mk 2 is similar to the m9 which I kinda agree with you. Sony a7RII and a7SII cameras with the latest firmware exhibit this problem for all exposure times longer than 3.2″. If you would be 100% happy with 28, go for the Leica as it has beautiful IQ. When it comes to its ergonomics, the A7 III features Sony’s latest generation mirrorless body design which brings it up to date with its siblings: the A7R III and A9. I still have the original A7s and love it. OOC JPEGS! It seems that every time I sit down to write a review lately it is for a new Sony camera, and believe me, as much Sony as you see written here and all over the web (due to so many new cameras coming from them before the Holidays), it is not stopping here. Have you tried other M mount lens on the A7s II? As with the original Mark I a7s, I see the character and almost medium format look of the files. Is this for a new RX model? Would you think the a7s mark i be a good buy? You cannot copy more than 20 words from any of our posts. Share this article. Just curious about photographing kids in low light gyms playing basketball or outdoors playingfootball….Newer versions have better AF, but will the A7R II or A7S II work better in that kind of situation, also lens selections. However, I really wanted a lower light capable camera and a less MP camera. Sony A7SII review. I think there’s far too much fretting over detail. And in Europe/Asia at ParkCameras, WexUK, Jessops and Digitalrev. I tend to shoot quickly when seeing events unfold on the street. Until such a Sony appears, I’ll eagerly await your RX1r2 review and see how tempted I am by that camera. The King of The Night gets updated. The only controls I need on the camera are shutter speed, ISO, and WB. We tested the ... 4k Sony Sony 4K Sony 28.135mm A7sII Sony A7sII Sony A7s mark II Sony a7s mII. 3 archaic : talk or report of a notable person or event. Steve: Thanks for the review: very helpful! Technically it works well, but doesn’t feel nice to use. That said, how wonderful it is to have such great choices! JED: Thanks for checking that out, David. I am not afraid of grain, never have been which is why I turn off all noise reduction as soon as I get a new camera. Sony A7SII vs Sony FS7 – Slog3 S-Gamut3.Cine Test by Creative Grit on Vimeo.. Sony a7S II : 4K Hands On Video (Adorama Pro).Sony A7S II – Overview | A7S II VS A7R II by Armando Ferreira. I think the next Sony I would jump on is a sports oriented high frame rate auto focus speed demon. A Look at the Leica 90mm Summilux f/1.5 Lens on the M10-R and 907x. User Reports – YOUR views on camera gear! Great job, you did. This particular lens gives a “Leica Look” and it has no issues on the A7RII or the A7SII. The A7SII is a temporary step forward…and I shoot a lot of night images but the sensor on this camera needed to be inline with the A7Rll to make it a cost equal product.

sony a7sii review

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