Which fish can live in a 3 Gallon Tank together? How to Keep Jack Dempseys and Oscars in the Same Tank 1. Luckily, though, the pleco and cichlids can live together in the same tank. I would put them in a 20 gallon to be on the safe side. A 3-gallon tank contains about 12 liters of water. Traditionally bettas are kept in very small tanks, hence the common statement of "one male per tank." They should be kept in schools of at least 6 to 8 (although 16 to 20 is better) in a 20-gallon aquarium with other small, docile fish. The fishes should have compatibility amongst themselves which can undoubtedly need to smooth upkeep of your 29 or 30 gallon tank. A 10 gallon aquarium will provide plenty of space to add other fish with your Betta. Reticulated Hillstream loaches have a … Get a Big Tank. So, a ten-gallon tank can safely accommodate ten one-inch-long fish. If you have a tank that’s 20 gallons then here are some more tank mates you can keep with your betta. 15-gallon tank for 2 Bettas; 20-gallon tank for 3 Bettas; 25-gallon tank for 4 Bettas; 30-gallon tank for 5 Bettas; If you plan on keeping a single Betta, your tank should still be at least 10 gallons. This can be done by adding lots of plant life and even bog wood logs to obstruct the Betta’s field of view. Your filter should run four times the total volume of water in the tank through the filter each hour. A 55-gallon will only just cut it, and many would say that even that is not large enough, that a 90-gallon is needed. your definition of alarge tank is different, your can be like a 10 gallon, and my large tank is a 500 gallon. At first, a 35 to 55-gallon tank would fit its needs, but a mature specimen would need no less than a 180-gallon aquarium. You can keep one in a 10 gallon aquarium. Betta Tank Mates For 20 Gallon Tank. The freshwater fish compatibility chart below will give a good overview of the common types of fish that can usually be kept happily together. How to effectively maintain a 3-gallon tank. Evidently, there are many fish species you can keep in your aquarium, but not all fish species will survive or thrive in a 20 gallon tank. In reality, a 3-gallon tank … Is this a 10, or 20 gallon tank? Then I posted on here in another thread and someone said that rule isn't correct. 0 2. Once you know that the minimum tank size is 10 gallon (with 20-30 gallon being advised) you can follow our aquarium set up guide for further details. Depending on the number of fish, I would recommend keeping discus fish and angelfish together in at least an 80 gallon tank. If you can provide these conditions, you can put discus and angelfish together, however make sure, that your angelfish will not harass their mates. Only mated pairs of watchmen gobies can be kept in the same aquarium. Fish compatibility should always be examined when setting up a community aquarium. Any other fish would be way over crowed and die. I have a 20 gallon fish tank which I just finished cycling and now I am trying to find a fish or a community of fish that's best for it. clownfish are salt water for starters, and would need a 20+ gallon tank. One combination that I came up with is 5 cherry barbs, 5 cardinal tetras, and 5 guppies. But if you dealing with anything under 20 gallons, you full now/. Bicolor Angelfish, Eibli Angelfish, Flame Angelfish, Lemonpeel Angelfish, Bicolor Blenny, L awnmower-Orange Spotted, Midas Blenny, any kind of Cardinal that can be kept with shrimp, Anykind of clown fish, Black and gold damsel, HAWAIIAN DRAGON EEL!, In truth, many fish cannot live with the cichlid due to their personality. the rule:1 fish per gallon is the rule i think. Lv 4. Neon tetras, since they are a schooling fish, live well (and thrive) in a community tank with other members of their species. Each betta will select its own territory so adding plants, caves, pots or driftwood will help block the vision between fish – keeping tempers cool. Anyway, my fish are doing fine and I don't even know if I want to add anymore. The list below contains a short overview of the 20 best platy fish tank mates. Stocking Ideas for Your 20-Gallon Fish Tank. However, few people keep bettas in these larger tanks. Another thing to keep in mind is that while tetras can typically thrive in a 10-gallon tank (and a betta can live in one that is just two gallons if he lives alone), the tank must be larger if you are keeping the two species together.
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