It was related by at-Tirmidhi, who said it was a hasan (good) hadeeth, and in some copies it is stated to be a hasan saheeh hadeeth. The Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wasallam) said: “The five daily prayers, Jumu’ah (Friday prayers), and Ramadān remove bad deeds between one and the next, if major sins are avoided.” 2. Good Deeds Wipe Out Evil Deeds. "Have taqwa (fear) of Allah wherever you may be, and follow up a bad deed with a good deed which will wipe it out, and behave well towards the people." And keep up the prayer at the two extremities of the daytime and in the early reaches of the night. As one of the earlier generation said: One of the punishments of bad deeds is more bad deeds, and one of the rewards of good deeds is more good deeds. The good deeds take away the bad deeds. Source: YouTube. The phrase “follow up a bad deed with a good deed and it will wipe it out” came straight after the order to be pious, and this is to indicate that even the pious people can fall into sin. 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Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said; “Whoever says, when he hears the... Wudu.. “Be conscious of Allah wherever you are, follow up a bad deed with a good deed it will wipe out the ill effects of the bad deed, and interact with people in a good manner” Answer. fingers and toes), there is sadaqah (charity) every day the sun rises. One angel sits on the right shoulder and records all good deeds, while the other sits on the left shoulder and records all bad deeds. After discussing piety (Fear of Allah), Ali Gomaa proceeds to discuss the rest of this hadith: following bad deeds with good deeds, “good deeds erase bad deeds.” Doing good works (e.g. Fulfilling all of our … Allah (SWT) says in the verse 114 of surah Hûd, "And establish the Prayer, Salat, (O Messenger) at the beginning and the end of the day, and in the watches of the night the night near to the day. And if he does do it, (a reward of) ten to seven hundred or many more times (the reward of the good deed), will be recorded for him. fingers and toes), there is sadaqah (charity) every day the sun rises. Good deeds that erase sin include wudoo’, the five daily prayers, and Hajj and ‘Umrah. Removing the Harmful Things. When you perform good deeds, it eliminates the bad consequences for sins. But how people respond depends on their moral outlook, according to a new study. º passed away, Contest on the best poem about the Prophet held in Dagestan, Dagestan mufti met with the representatives of Dagestan government in Russian regions, Bilateral summit of muftis of Russia and Kyrgyzstan held in Ufa, Moscow Mufti urged to strengthen work with migrants, Purification of the Heart and Soul in Islam, The Benefits of Belief in Taqdeer and Tawakkul. And if someone intends to do a bad deed but does not do it, a good deed will be recorded for him. Qaribullah & Darwish, 11/Hud-114: And establish your prayer at the two edges of the day and in part of the night. Good deeds will repel evil deeds. Abstract: Prophet (PBUH) said: "Have . It stays as how it is, unless you have the ability to alter the memory people have about what has been done. A GOOD DEED A WEEK: Let your first check of the year be to charity. The Great Shamil, Imam of Daghestan and Chechnya, Shaykh of Naqshbandi tariqah. Have taqwa (fear) of Allah wherever you may be, and follow up a bad deed with a good deed which will wipe it out, and behave well towards the people. 6:44-9:06. Imams Tirmidhi, Ahmad, Hakim and others have recorded this narration. However it is usually assumed that doing good deeds is supposed to make one feel better about the fact that his/her bad deeds that has been done and can’t be changed. This means we can save ourselves from the fire of hell by doing many small good deeds. … Charity as sin-stopper and sin-eraser. and follow up a bad deed with a good deed and it will wipe it out The Prophet said: The charity puts out the bad deed like the … º) said, “Whoever sits in a gathering and indulges in useless talk and before getting up supplicates: ‘Subhanaka Allahumma wa bihamdika, ash-hadu an la ilaha illa Anta, astaghfiruka wa atubu ilaika (O Allah, You are free from every imperfection; praise be to You. (Reference: Commentary of Forty Hadiths of An-Nawawi by Dr. Jamal Ahmed Badi) Ibn ‘Abbas narrated: The Prophet said, “Allah ordered that the good and the evil deeds be written, and He then showed how. Good deeds doesn’t erase bad deeds and vice versa. Imam Tirmidhi has declared the Hadith authentic (hasanun sahih). Performing Obligatory Salah / Five Prayers. Several Quranic verses and hadiths mentioned that Almighty Allah is merciful to all but some major sins may erase all your good deeds. Being a new Muslim, a born Muslim or a revert of 20 years, you make mistakes. Al-Qurtubi (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in al-Jaami’ li Ahkaam al-Qur’aan (3/295): The correct ‘aqeedah is … Required fields are marked *, Copyright 2020 | All Rights Reserved | Powered by ReadQuranBook. Verily, good deeds wipe out evil deeds. There are many forms of good deeds we can do. 3 thoughts on “ How One Good Deed Can Wipe Away A Lifetime of Sin ” Add Comment. If one intends to do a bad deed but does not do it is written for him as a good deed (Bokhari & Muslim). ^He who does a good deed shall have ten times as much to his credit; he that does evil shall only be recompensed according to … Evil deeds make the face dark, give darkness to the heart, and bring about physical weakness, lack of provision and hatred in people’s hearts. And if he does do it, a bad deed will be recorded against him or God will wipe it out. } Hud-114, Surah Hud Verse-114 / The Noble Qur'an (Read Qur'an in English, Listen Qur'an)
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